The Avemar Adventure

UPDATE: Since writing the following post, I have learned that AveUltra is temporarily unavailable. A local herb impresario informs me that his distributors have been told they can no longer carry it. Something is afoot behind the scenes, which I don’t have time to investigate fully at the moment. So, we have ordered the OLD version of Avemar, produced in Hungary, now sold as AWGE (Avemar Wheat Germ Extract). It is the very version all the studies used, so nothing to worry about except more fructose in the mix (cancer loves sugar, you know, but we believe the benefits outweigh the risks). According to the sole U.S. distributor of this earlier form of Avemar, the two products are not molecularly identical and lawsuits are currently underway regarding the poor efficacy of AveUltra.  Pending further developments, we have switched our allegiance to AWGE . Learn more about it HERE.

It was the nutritionist at the chemo clinic who first mentioned a fermented wheat germ anti-cancer supplement called Avemar. Her job is to check in with cancer patients as they sit in their recliners being fed the chemo drugs, and it was clear in our very first conversation that we shared a passion for the food-health connection. She had samples of Avemar in her desk draw and sent us home with one.

After checking with Ed B. about it, Tad and I decided to hold off, since the chemical soup in Tad’s veins was already rich enough. Ed knew Avemar would be an expensive addition to the supplement plan and didn’t want us to waste our money on something whose effectiveness would likely be cancelled out by chemo, etc. (I later learned that the studies on Avemar deem it very helpful for patients on chemo, so everyone needs to make that call for themselves.)

Once Tad decided to quit the chemo, Avemar was back on our minds. After reading all I could find about it on the Internet, I was impressed enough to order it and went online to do so, only to learn that the situation was a bit complicated. Last fall, the product’s inventor, a Hungarian scientist named Mate Hidvegi, developed a new freeze-dried form of Avemar to replace the earlier version. Previously, each dose of powder weighed 17.5g, 5 g of Avemar and most of the rest fructose. The new product, called AveUltra, weighs only 5.3g per dose, 5g of Avemar and the rest fructose and stevia to improve the taste. Both versions were still available for purchase and I wasn’t sure which way to go.

I was concerned about the fact that the clinical studies on the product had all been done using the original form, but a conversation with a high-up employee of the AveUltra distributor assured me that every batch of the product is tested on cancer cell lines to insure a high standard of effectiveness.

Avemar has been part of Tad’s regimen for almost a month now, and we feel certain it’s part of the synergy that is healing the cancer and keeping him feeling well. Last week he paused as he was putting on his shoes for our daily walk, looked over at me and said, “You know what, we’re going to pull off this miracle. I can feel it in my body.” Such words are food for my heart and soul. I feel so grateful for Avemar, IP6, and all the other supps that are helping to make the magic happen.


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