“Feel the Love” – Tad’s latest song

TAD WRITES: Buddhism often talks about experience as food for consciousness. We can choose to take in good “food”, positive experiences, or bad “food”, negative experiences. These experiences can come in such forms as media, memories, thoughts, emotions, relationship encounters, etc. They can effect our well being deeply and in many ways.

I’ve always been a culture vulture and heavy media consumer, a dangerous preoccupation because media – whether it’s news or Shakespeare – relies heavily on the power of drama and tragedy to draw attention to itself, which often puts it in the negative category. When I got my diagnosis, I quickly realized that I’d taken in way too much “news” and other angst-inducing toxins in my life. I’m proud to say I recently got my two-month chip for not watching television. Now I am much more mindful of what I expose myself to, because I know my healing depends on it. Now I am much less distracted from the love that surrounds me everywhere, the gorgeousness of my steadfast partner, the precious company of friends, the beauty of the natural world, and infinite additional positive resources. Einstein said that even “gravity is love.” Yeah, he really did.

It would serve the world if we all turned our attention more and more to the universe evolving within us, rather than the manufactured one constructed for our endless consumption. Whether the physical world was designed by an invisible intelligence or not has always been a controversial question, but the “hidden hand” in your evolving inner universe is real, it’s your hand. Make your inner cosmos a balanced and joyful and you’ll have plenty of good food for thought to keep you strong.

Here is a song I wrote that encapsulates some of these notions. Audio file coming soon…

By Tad Toomay (all rights reserved)

TV, movies, news, and ads/ Keep us moody, needy, sad
Suggest the best cure-all/Is a visit to the mall
It isn’t real, it’s media/Don’t you let it feed on ya
Walk into the woods/Recalling all that’s good:
The stillness of the egret on the shore
Reminds us of a truer place deep within our core

Feel the love, healing love/We’re made of, sweet as summer rain
Feel the love, healing love/ We’re made of, rising like a flame
To consume the gloomy rumors in our heads
All confusion and illusion, tossing, turning in our beds
Feel the love, healing love/We’re made of
And breathe easy/We can breathe easy
And breathe easy/We can breathe easy

It’s like the Big Bang back again/The old order’s a smoking ruin
The future clouds of gas/How will they amass?
And as new natural laws congeal/Will unforeseen events reveal
A hidden hand involved?/A timeless mind resolved?
I see it in the challenged but unbowed
And feel it in the vibrant souls around me even now


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