Magic Words

MINDY WRITES: Our words have power, or so say the sages. What we speak about (or even think about) will increase in our lives.  So deliberately choosing words that contribute to happy outcomes is a powerful thing. Along these lines, Tad and I have always spoken positive incantations and affirmations as part of our spiritual practice, and we’re doing it much more frequently and intently than ever these days.

Tad has written two great songs on the subject: “Speak Peace” and “Affirm.” We plan to post some audio files on this website soon so you can have a listen. Meanwhile, you can hear “Speak Peace” by checking out a Youtube video made at Unity of Berkeley, which prominently features Tad and the Unity House Band.

Below are some of the phrases we repeat frequently – sometimes while walking, sometimes before falling asleep or on waking, sometimes while sitting in meditation – anytime and anywhere the feeling moves us. Just a few minutes a day of this practice can increase your inner peace, whether you speak the words in your mind or out loud. Feel free to use these or make up some that resonate with you.

Walking chants:
“Every step, healing grace. Everything breath, healing grace.”
“All is well, here and now. All is well, here and now.”

“All things work together for my good.”
“I open to receive my miraculous healing.”
“I release all obstacles to my perfect health.”

Bedtime words:
“I am grateful for another day of living.”
“I love and am loved beyond measure.”
“I am radiantly healthy, strong, and vibrant.”


  1. Beautiful Tad. I just listened to Elton John and could have sworn it was you singing…

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