Linus Pauling was right

Truthfully, I haven’t read the work of Linus Pauling, but I know he was a big advocate of Vitamin C as a powerful human health enhancer. We’ve all heard about the importance of anti-oxidants like Vitamin C: they scavenge for free radicals in the body and convert them into normal molecules. Well, turns out that in high doses, much higher than one could ever consume orally, Vitamin C becomes a pro-oxidant, effectively creating small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which cause abnormal cells like cancer cells to die. Here is an article that discusses the sciences in some detail (and there are MANY others as a Google search will reveal): Others of interest:,,

This unique ability of intravenous Vitamin C to cause apoptosis (the death of cancer cells) was first mentioned to us by the folks at Amitabha Clinic in Sebastopol, an integrative oncology center where we went for a consult on the recommendation of Ed Bauman. This past Monday Tad had his first treatment, 25 grams of C in a “cocktail” that also included some trace minerals. The dose will build gradually to 50 grams of C with Vitamin K1 included in the mix.

Tad will have a treatment every Monday for several weeks ($240 a pop with no help from Blue Shield, ouch!). The purpose is to super-charge the effect of his conventional chemotherapy, and we will monitor the impact by following his tumor marker (CEA) and liver enzyme numbers.

It always feels good to add something new and potentially potent to the program — every proactive step in this journey increases the possibility of a complete cure for Tad’s cancer. We are keeping the faith that it can happen!

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