32 Years and Counting!

Megan and Julian goofing around

Tad and Jeremy (February 2009)

Lovebirds, February 2009 (photo by Jeremy)

Last Sunday (August 1) we dashed off to Sonoma County for some proper celebrating of our 32nd anniversary. Amazing to ponder it! That’s a lot of time together, so how come we still enjoy each other’s company so much? It’s just part of the mystery…

Eleven years ago (I think it was) we created a wedding ceremony for our friends Jeremy Beck and Megan Knazek, performed on July 25 (I think it was, again). They have been on sabbatical in Argentina for a year, just returned to rent a house in Windsor with their charming 5-year-old son, Julian a couple of weeks ago. What better way to celebrate than to visit them there and enjoy some great food under the leafy branches on a warm summer day?

And so we did, and it was a wonderful respite. Sorry you couldn’t all have joined us, but how about toasting Tad and me right now and affirming our many more years together?